[INTERVIEW][14.02.2013] Kim Woo Bin: “I have never met a natural-born Aegyo Guy like Lee Jong Suk”

Source: TV Daily (thanks jahe bb <3)
Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: Because love is in the air today and KWB cannot go far without mentioning LJS, a.k.a. AEGYOMAN. One of the pics is from another interview because I like cutting up my text with photos.😀



Actor Kim Woo Bin (24) expressed his great affection for Lee Jong Suk (24), with whom he is close.

In KBS2 drama “School 2013”, Kim Woo Bin played the legendary fighter Park Heung Soo, leaving an indelible impression on audiences with his explosive entrance and bringing tears with his deep relationship shared with Go Namsoon (Lee Jong Suk).

On 13th February, Kim Woo Bin sat down for an interview with TV Daily at a cafe in Shinsadong, Gangnam.  He said, “I was friends with Jong Suk before the drama, but through working together, I found that we actually have a lot of points in common. We became close very quickly and match well together. He is a very charismatic friend, and  understanding towards the needs of his fellow actors. He’s gentle and takes care of others. He’s a good kid.”

When asked if he could reveal something about Lee Jong Suk that others wouldn’t know, Kim Woo Bin said immediately, “He’s quite easily jealous and that also shows in how he works. He cares a lot about people and things. If he is unhappy about his performance in a certain scene, he’ll remember it for a long time. Even after the whole scene had already finished filming, he would come asking, “Was that really okay?”. And when told that it was well-acted, it would still weigh on his mind. He wants to forget it, but he really can’t. Sometimes when I see him like this, I hurt for him too.”


“Also, Jong Suk has so much aegyo. I thought that I am the relatively aegyo type, but compared to Jong Suk, I’m nothing. It’s the first time I have ever met someone who is that good at aegyo, and his target ranges across all ages and genders, he would just be aegyo in front of everyone naturally. I think it is a gift he has had from birth,” revealed Kim Woo Bin with a bout of great laughter.

Finally, he said, “Even though I haven’t got any offers for a ramyun CF yet, I really want one. I love ramyun so much; I am confident that no matter how much I eat, I would not throw up. That’s how passionate I am about this. I really want to do a ramyun CF with Jong Suk, I think we can be cute and eat ramyun together, like Cultwo** sunbae.” He said this while imitating Cultwo’s catchphrase, “Really? Really?”

Currently, Kim Woo Bin is spending every day busily completing the photoshoot schedules that have been pushed back for “School 2013”.

** the two MCs for the “School 2013” special episode.


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