[NEWS]10Asia Visits “School 2013” Filming Set Woo

This is so cute and so touching that I must share it T^T

Source: 10Asia
Translator: hitoritabi
Translation note: Now just reading things that makes me cry. 2 hours until it is all over, guys. I’ll see if I can do a short translation of the photo in this editorial too, before the drama begins and I have to scream stream.

School 2013|The Classroom Where Love Blooms

“Kids, listen closely to the instructions. You understand what I’m saying, right?” “Kids, be quiet, I can’t hear over this noise.” Always, kids, kids, quiet quiet. Is this a filming set or a classroom? The person who is trying to control the kids, is he the director or a strict teacher? On the 7th of January, in the set located in Anjo, Kyeonggi-do, Lee Min-Hong PD, the director of “School 2013” has been trying to control the cast for the filming of Episode 14. The rowdy noises of the Class 2-2 and the strict voice of the director flies in all the directions.

During breaks, the children rush out of the classroom. Even short scenes have to filmed over and over again. It isn’t long before Min-Hong PD yells “These immature kids take 252 years to move from place to place!”, then the kids will loudly sing a chorus of “We~ are~ sorry~~~” and move back into their individual positions. However, when Jang Nara is teaching the kids that “there is no correct answer in acting”, she is as kind as Teacher Jung In Jae. When “soccer” is mentioned to Heungsoo and Namsoon, can you feel the trauma that has occurred between them? “You have to keep in mind the fact of the past between them and present in a unobvious manner”, she gives them this kind of advice about the role of an actor.

When you look at them closely, they are all beautiful kids. Among them, there are a few actors that catches one’s eyes. Before filming, the sight of Oh Jong-Ho (Kwak Jong Wook) focused on fixing his hair in the mirror in the back of the classroom is surprisingly cute. After his part is over, Choi Chang Yeop (Minki) runs to the back staircase and hunches over like a turtle to play his cell phone game.  Taking off his glasses and holding it in his left hand, Kim Chang Hwan (Young-Woo) holds a ball-pen in the other hand and makes notes on his screenplay, quietly sitting while others are chatting about all topics under the sun. Lee Jong Suk (Namsoon) asks Jihoon (Jihoon), who is holding a whole bag of snacks, to place one into his own mouth. Then, he asks the staff members “please don’t hurt me” with overwhelming aegyo. It is a set where one is almost jealous of all the warm affection.

The students are young and therefore energetic even without food, but Jang Nara is not feeling well today. “My hands are cold, and not feeling very well. Maybe I’ll get something nice to eat, like jinseng?” Then her colleague Choi Daniel prepared it for her with kindness. With all this warmth on set, it is sad to say that the time for Class 2-2 to say goodbye to one another in a little more than a week. So let us remember all these details carefully, from the looks in the kid’s eyes to the shaking hands of the teachers.

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